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♦The Met appeared eager to highlight constructive cooperation with museums after having made headlines for showcasing objects that should not have been there, including a gold coffin which Kim Kardashian posed next to during the 2018 Met Gala. It had been illegally smuggled out of Egypt.◇

▪Dr. Lewis Nelson of Rutgers University says those problems can last six hours or more with nalmefene, requiring extra treatment and management by health professionals.♪


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T322B156K006AT☢The oldest additions to the Registry this year date back to 1908 and 1909– they are the earliest surviving recordings of mariachi music, recorded in Mexico City in a performance for the country's president shortly before the Mexican Revolution. And the newest is a contemporary classical piece by composer Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, the first woman to earn a doctorate in composition from the Juilliard School and the first female composer to win the Pulitzer Prize.❀LD06YD106KAB2A\500▤The most important consequences were two – one, the impact the war had on what Americans think of their own government and two, the impact it had on America's credibility on the world stage.➴


☊Some people who find bedbugs in their beds think they can just sleep on the couch for a while, Fredericks said, but bedbugs can walk and will follow you to another room.▥C1005Y5V1A224Z☁Scholastic gave its reasons for the suggested change in an email to the author and her original publisher, Candlewick Press, citing a "politically sensitive" moment for its market and a worry that the section "goes beyond what some teachers are willing to cover with the kids in their elementary classrooms."▥T86D476K016ESALOne low-bar recipe for a "toast sandwich" kicks off with the advice: "Put one slice of the bread in the toaster. Toast it."►RPE5C2A6R0D2M1B03A▣In the lawsuit, Zwerner's attorneys say all of the defendants knew the boy "had a history of random violence" at school and at home, including an episode the year before, when he "strangled and choked" his kindergarten teacher.➻

↝The case against O’Neal and 10 other celebrities — including former NFL quarterback Tom Brady, comedian Larry David and supermodel Gisele Bündchen — has been mounting since November. That month, FTX filed for bankruptcy in a move that vaporized at least $10 billion in assets and raised questions about regulation and oversight in an industry that operates outside conventional banking rules. FTX’s founder Sam Bankman-Fried is facing multiple charges, including fraud, money laundering and campaign finance violations. (Bankman-Fried has pleaded not guilty to the charges.)WNS20S100CQ☀We would also do well to consider Covenant as part of the Indian novel in English lineage that includes literary greats like Raja Rao, K Nagarajan, O V Vijayan, and R K Narayan. Like the unforgettable rural South Indian worlds those authors bestowed upon us with places like Kanthapura, Kedaram, Khasak, and Malgudi, respectively, Verghese has given us Parambil, a water-filled, near-mythical dreamscape in Kerala. Rao's immortal opening line for his Kanthapura fits Verghese's Covenant too: "There is no village in India, however mean, that has not a rich sthalapurana, or legendary history, of its own." And, like Rao's story, Verghese's also opens with a storytelling grandmother.⇢

↫Much like back then, consumers are not happy about the switch.⊙

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