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☎After the council appoints an interim House representative nominee, the county will hold a special election — in which Jones is eligible to run — to carry out the term.♦

ぃTo hear the sheriff tell it, inmate John Manchec wanted his scheduled colonoscopy to be the stuff of James Bond films, an action-packed prelude to his life after escaping from jail — one hopefully spent basking on his 145-foot yacht and holing up in his French castle. Instead, investigators thwarted his alleged escape plan, and the multimillionaire remains in a Florida jail cell facing dozens of child pornography charges that could send him to prison for what amounts to a life sentence.☁

▩Speaking in a joint appearance with McCarthy before a bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library outside Los Angeles, the Taiwanese leader also thanked the U.S. for its support to Taiwan.★

♖"The expulsion of six members from the Tennessee legislature in July 1866 was for 'the contempt of the authority of this House,' " Vanderbilt University's Russell, a principal senior lecturer in political science, told NPR.❀


☢Right after this, Tom and Greg walk in on a distraught Shiv in a quiet room, and Greg scoots, but Tom stays. It turns out that Shiv has been having her assistant set aside times for her to cry. "You're scheduling your grief?" Tom asks. (This is actually not as weird an idea as Tom treats it like it is!) The thaw between them continues as he puts his arms around her and she cries on his shoulder, and then they also kiss a little bit, because why not? Nobody else is proving trustworthy.☺1825Y0160820FCR▥"What [Burns] did also helped us to identify who the suspect was, because obviously he had injuries from getting hit with a slingshot, and those were things that helped us evidentiary-wise to identify who it was, so that was very valuable too," Grimshaw added.☼CDR31BP510BJSP-ZANAE◇For that test, a judge must weigh: what extent the media coverage could impact the right to a free trial; whether a gag order is the least restrictive measure that can be used; and whether that order would be effective at all.➙DF06S-G➭"Our criminal investigative analysts are working closely with law enforcement to monitor the situation to ensure Kim Potter, like all incarcerated persons, is safe as she leaves our facility," Skoogman said in a statement.✿

↖Otoo isn't alone in this observation. Aber Salume, a registered nurse who works at the nearby Archbishop John Baptist Odama Care Center for children with nodding syndrome, provides her perspective on some of the most troubling manifestations of the disease: Most of the children enrolled at the center are those in severe form, she said: "Children who have developed psychosis, those who are psychiatric patients," and those who "are victims of developmental retardation."❤293D156X0016C2TE3☢NEW YORK — An electric bicycle powered by a lithium ion battery is being blamed for a fatal fire on Monday in New York City that killed two youths, marking the latest in a string of e-bike-related fires in the city.♪

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