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↥"I can tell you that the threats, the menacing, the terror that Jordan Neely introduced to that train has already been well documented," Penny told the Post.✍CR3-060GPP BK➦Each morning I start my day by saying, "God, how may I serve?" I am a registered nurse working at the VA Medical Center in Washington, D.C. I believe that people are here to be of service to each other — to help, guide, comfort and support those we encounter along the way. Whatever the act of service I provide, the return is so much more. -Christine Grant, Washington, D.C.♧FJN4314RTA✄Ellie Goldstein, a British model with Down Syndrome, took to Instagram in a partnership with Mattel to share how important seeing the doll was to her.☞TAWD685M050R0700▣Civil rights advocates say laws against hanging objects from rearview mirrors have been used as a pretext for stopping Black motorists.✍

⇍The group's leader Nnamdi Kanu is in government custody and faces trial for treason after being detained overseas and brought back to Nigeria.☂2220Y6300222GCT✙Legislative rules state that a bill failing to defeat a filibuster must be tabled for the year. So opponents were surprised by the plan announced just last week.↭


√Plans to resume filming were outlined last year by widower Matthew Hutchins in a proposed settlement to a wrongful death lawsuit that would make him an executive producer on a rebooted "Rust."↿1206J0160272KDT☪When he realized the others were fleeing, he stooped to pick up the hatchet and ran after them, as a second intruder armed with a gun made his way through the school. Ten lives were taken that day: five students, two school employees, an uncle of one of the attackers who owned a business nearby and the attackers themselves, who took their own lives.♬C0603C430M8HACAUTO◈Israel captured the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza in the 1967 Mideast war. The Palestinians claim all three areas for a future state. Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, but Hamas subsequently overran the territory and expelled forces loyal to the internationally recognized Palestinian Authority.░0603Y0630120FQT▦Nearly 40 states have laws that establish or increase penalties for assaults on health care workers, according to the American Nurses Association. And lawmakers in 29 states have approved or are working on either similar laws or ones that allow for the creation of hospital police forces. Members of those forces can carry firearms and make arrests. In addition, they have higher training requirements than noncertified officers such as security guards, according to the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety.↔

♘He does have one hardcover book that reminds him of before the war: It's a version of that kindergarten yearbook Iryna Sahan had in Kharkiv.◧GRM21BR71A106ME51L◆The 48-year-old woman, who police identified in a press release as only "Lillian," was rescued by helicopter on May 5 in the Mitta Mitta bushland, a stretch of dense eucalyptus forest in the southeastern state of Victoria.♀


✤ ✌C0805C508B5HACAUTO↔Pentagon spokesman Brigadier Gen. Patrick Ryder declined to describe the specific dimensions of the balloon, "other than to say that it is big enough that, again, in reviewing our approach, we do recognize that any potential debris field would be significant and potentially cause civilian injuries or deaths or significant property damage."▬FZ800R33KF2CS1NDSA1↫After a career and perreo spanning more than three decades, Daddy Yankee retired last year with the release of his final album, Legendaddy.•P160-331JS↙The bill will prohibit Florida colleges and universities from spending state or federal money on campus programs that “advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion.” It would also require state education leaders to appoint faculty members to review general education courses, in order to ensure lessons do not “distort historical events” or include critical race theory.▪

"These inflators are two decades old now, and they pose a 50% chance of rupturing in even a minor crash," NHTSA Acting Administrator Ann Carlson said in a statement. "Don't gamble with your life or the life of someone you love – schedule your free repair today before it's too late."☺CWR11NB224KBA♦When reporters from the Mainichi newspaper applied for yami-baito jobs, they were immediately directed to communicate via the encrypted Telegram app, and offered work as phone scammers earning more than $20,000 a month.☟

✌ ☼


↛Meanwhile, John Mestas is still awaiting results on his drinking well.ˍTAJB106K010SNJ⇄One doctor, hailed as a mentor, reportedly stabbed to death as he took his father to dialysis. Another doctor, after days of coping with medical crisis in Khartoum, decides he must flee for his life to a safer city.♜MMBT4401HLT1G◨"It really undermines the U.S.'s position when it's attempting to take the high moral ground and claim 'oh, you know, these other countries are human rights violators.'," he said. "Then the United States leaves itself open for criticism."✡1945-18J♦The indictment includes a separate $150,000 payment to another woman who allegedly had an intimate relationship with Trump. Former Playboy model Karen McDougal is not named in the charges but she has talked openly about that experience in interviews.▶

▤The Codex Sassoon is the most valuable book ever sold at auction, according to Sotheby's. The record-breaking price surpassed the 1994 sale of Leonardo da Vinci's Codex Leicester manuscript, which sold for $30.8 million.▱2220Y0500101FCT┱Gannett's chief communications officer, Lark-Marie Antón, in a statement published in Axios:◆


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