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«When asked for comment about the discrepancy, Carson told NPR, "I'm certainly troubled by Haley's apparently unethical decision to distort King's statement about Malcolm X."▣VJ0603D470GLCAJ☻This year's Derby will be run after a number of high-profile deaths and injuries at the famed track.⇢VS-GBPC2506W✙Another Republican, Maine Sen. Susan Collins, criticized Democrats, saying Feinstein has "been an extraordinary senator and she's a good friend of mine. During the past two years, there's been a concerted campaign to force her off of the Judiciary committee and I will have no part of that."⇪C317C330J5G5TA◊"In one line that Salazar suggested to the songwriter, he boasted: 'I wanted to study and became a soldier, but I liked the fast life better,'" the office said.▌

⇦Trump attorney Joe Tacopina noted that jurors are told not to follow any news or online commentary about the case. But he said he would ask Trump "to refrain from any further posts about this case."◐GQM1885C2A5R2CB01D▒Over the weekend, Yarl's story spread widely on social media, including Instagram and TikTok. Several high-profile celebrities with large followings, including Halle Berry, Kerry Washington and Justin Timberlake, posted about the case and encouraged their followers to urge local authorities to arrest and prosecute the shooter.♪

♕The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is demanding that ARC Automotive Inc. of Knoxville recall 67 million inflators in the U.S. because they could explode and hurl shrapnel. At least two people have been killed in the U.S. and Canada, and seven others have been hurt as a result of defective ARC inflators, the agency said.▶


◣When it comes to sex, Wilton recommends asking questions and advocating for yourself at the doctor's office. "Things like diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson's, the whole host of issues that we tend to see more commonly as people get older, often have either a sexual side effect based on the illness itself, or many of the medications may have some kind of side effect," she says.☇C917U180JZNDCAWL20"If they came back here, it would feel like a victory," he says, sighing as they walk away.♈C0805X221F5HACAUTO♙The family's lawyers and advocates also called on the Fulton County Board of Commissioners to take responsibility and act quickly to fix the problems at the jail and urged the district attorney's office to bring criminal charges in Thompson's death. They also called on Gov. Brian Kemp to address a "mental health crisis" in the state.▐CDRH2D18/LDNP-470NC↟Still, this fusion of hip-hop and public health wasn't always easy for Williams to sell, especially at the outset. When he was starting Hip Hop Public Health, he says, he heard concerns about the "negative force" expressed in some hip hop — "misogyny and homophobia and materialism and toxic masculinity."♥

▅"What is new... is the depth of the crack," nuclear safety expert Yves Marignac, who is an advisor to the ASN, told AFP.✍C0805X821J8HACAUTO▣"I'm available to do anything," Francis said. "There's a mission that's not public that's underway; when it's public I'll talk about it."⊞

⇎With so much riding on biology that's often misunderstood, let's break down what is known: Here's how the run-up to a pregnancy begins in that very first week of action, from the minute a single egg, the size of a grain of table salt, bursts forth from an ovary.ぃ


➝This story is a collaboration from NPR's Station Investigations Team, which supports local investigative journalism, and New Hampshire Public Radio. Nate Hegyi left the Mountain West News Bureau for New Hampshire Public Radio in February 2022.ⓥVJ0805D2R4BLPAJ↣Young said on Thursday the group is at its earliest stages of discussing ideas and sharing notes.▶M39003/01-2413/TR✪The City of Memphis declined to comment on the lawsuit.✑1808Y0250122JCR☏According to a source familiar with negotiations, the White House's most recent offer to House Republicans included a vow to keep defense and nondefense spending in next year's budget at the same levels as the previous fiscal years. But Republicans have insisted on cuts to nondefense spending.▂

⇆"Our state is taking a step forward to a better and brighter future where our rights and freedoms will be protected," Protasiewicz said. "And while there is still work to be done, tonight we celebrate this historic victory that has obviously reignited hope in so many of us.☋TAP106M025SRW✡The Trump administration attempted to put TikTok out of business in the U.S. over the same national security concerns. But federal courts halted the move, citing executive overreach and a lack of evidence to support the case that TikTok poses a security risk.▩


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