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☪Earlier this year, Disney announced plans to layoff some 7,000 employees worldwide in an effort to cut more than $5 billion in costs. The move included consolidating divisions that make and distribute movies and TV shows.♈QCCT102Q120F1GV002E◑Authorities made a lot of promises in the aftermath of the attack on Raul Brasil but didn't follow through. The state said it would introduce 57 psychologists and 28 social workers directly into the public school system, but that never happened. It also created Conviva SP, a program meant to give the 3.5 million students who attend public schools run by the state access to psychologists for therapy.▉2225J0100181FCRあFormer postal worker Gerald Groff, an Evangelical Christian, brought the case after the postal service signed a contract with Amazon to deliver packages all seven days of the week. Groff was a carrier associate in rural Pennsylvania assigned to fill in delivery gaps when more senior carriers were absent, and the new contract meant he could no longer take off every Sunday. He eventually quit his job and sued the postal service for violating his religious rights.❀1SS389,H3F✪In an independent analysis of the program, a South African research team headed by Donald Skinner of the Human Sciences Research Council found there were some problems with translation quality and network coverage but concluded that overall, "The women were consistently positive about MomConnect, attaching high value to the content of the messages and the medium in which they were delivered."➵

☈The attack and U.S. response threaten to upend recent efforts in the region to deescalate tensions, as Saudi Arabia and Iran have been working toward reopening embassies in each other's countries. The kingdom also acknowledged efforts to reopen its embassy in Syria, whose embattled President Bashar Assad has been backed by Iran in his country's long war.♀KBP06ML-6161E4/72⇏And so the Murdochs decided to pay nearly $800 million to make the bleeding stop. Had they not done so, Rupert would have likely been subject to questioning in court. Network executives would have been forced to pick between testifying that they had no idea that their own reporters had debunked the Trump campaign's false claims of election fraud or that they knew but allowed stars to give them credibility in front of millions of viewers.◘

❈Superstar golfer Tiger Woods announced on Sunday that he was withdrawing from the Masters tournament in Augusta, Ga., over a foot injury.♙

☠Zelenskyy's visit comes as Ukraine faces pressure to achieve clear victories in a pending counteroffensive to liberate Russian-occupied land. There has been little movement since November, when Ukraine liberated the southern city of Kherson. Ukrainian troops are exhausted after months of defending the eastern city of Bakhmut, which is largely destroyed and mostly occupied by Russian forces.➦

¤The scientists spent months processing and rendering the data to create the "digital twin," which the company says it's looking forward to sharing publicly.


▧“Tess didn’t have a choice in life or death, but you as leaders have a choice of what my daughter’s life will be remembered for,” Veronica Mata said about her slain daughter during an April bill hearing. “Will she die in vain? Or will her life have saved another child? Maybe, your child.”↷CKC18X123KWGACAUTO↖Catherine Herridge, David Martin and Eleanor Watson contributed to this report.➟RHEL81H153K1K1A03B■"We are just devastated," Baffert tweeted. "This is a shock to everyone at our barn who love and care for these horses every day. Hanvameltdown was obviously hit pretty hard coming out of the gate. We don't know if that contributed to the injury, but we will be fully transparent with those reviewing this terrible accident. Right now, our thoughts are with Luis Saez and we are hopeful he will be okay."◑1206J0630680FQT❒In his first interview since placing Jordan Neely in a fatal chokehold, former U.S. Marine Daniel Penny insisted that the confrontation between the two "had nothing to do with race," and he was "not a white supremacist."❑

⇔For instance, no one on the team had used a vibrating smoke alarm before, but luckily one of the models knew how. Another demonstrated safety best practices for cooking while in a wheelchair.☻1210J0100183FCT✒The next step in the process is for NHTSA to schedule a public hearing. It could then take the company to court to force a recall.♦

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