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☪"This is an ongoing, active investigation," Harvey said.☠


⚘Outside the Supreme Court on Thursday, Khan's lawyers told reporters that the former prime minister will still need to appear at the Islamabad High Court Friday morning to complete the hearing that was abruptly interrupted on Tuesday.▣C0603C399C1HAC7867♟In 1994, Leah Bartell was 20 years old and living on her college campus. One night, she went over to a friend's house across campus.↓2220J2000684JDR◈A witness reported seeing a person who matched the description of Kemp throw the revolver in the bushes after the incident, which Kemp admitted to, according to Tacoma police.☀CDH63NP-181KC™But the UN health agency pointed out that the crisis in Malawi is occurring against a backdrop of surging cholera outbreaks worldwide, which have "constrained the availability of vaccines, tests and treatments."↕

⊟According to officials, an Allen Police Department officer on an unrelated call heard gunfire at 3:36 p.m. on Saturday.▕0805J0630121FCT❖The candles, which cost between $3 and $20 and were sold from August 2019 through last March, can be returned for a full refund. Customers can return the candles at any Target store or ship them back to the company with a prepaid label.●


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C1206C103K2GEC7210➫"More answers are still needed," the Rhode Island Democrat said in a statement. "There are systemic issues that need to be addressed, including protocols for how intelligence is handled, the security clearance process, and how officials can prevent intelligence leaks like this from ever happening again."♂SGH40N60UFDM1TU웃They added that the school and others involved had gotten "vile & inappropriate emails and messages," and stressed that the hunting competition is run independently by volunteers and for an important cause.◘


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1206J1K00181FFR∎OAKLAND, Calif. — California's reparations task force voted Saturday to approve recommendations on how the state may compensate and apologize to Black residents for generations of harm caused by discriminatory policies.▃1210Y0160270KFT→Gershkovich's parents traveled from the United States to Moscow and were reportedly allowed to attend the closed court hearing.❣


✏MARGARET BRENNAN: So you have called in an op ed for common sense regulation. You do want Congress to act, you say with smaller bank oversight. You say the role of the board of directors should be evaluated because of what happened at SVB. Apparently, they didn't have a lot of experience on it, that the $250,000 limit on deposit insurance should be raised. Elizabeth Warren hit the same numbers you did two, five and $10 Million.▨STGWA75M65DF2↽In the first, Murdaugh devised “a scheme to defraud and to obtain money by means of false pretenses” between at least September 2005 and September 2021, according to the indictment. He allegedly routed and redirected his clients’ settlement funds to personally enrich himself in several ways, including by sending settlement funds to his accounts without proper disclosure, and collecting attorney’s fees on fake or nonexistent annuities.▬5022-754H↿The WWE storyline goes that Dominik turned against his father, the WWE Hall-of-Famer Rey, after being influenced by Judgement Day, a villainous stable of wrestlers.↲511R-7G✍"That is everything you need to know about the terror state and its army," he wrote.⇠

◩Despite being on high alert throughout the day, Manhattan saw only small gatherings of Trump supporters near the courthouse, with reporters largely outnumbering the protesters.♧0603J0502P40HQT↨Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned Beijing against using Tsai's visit "as an excuse to take any actions to ratchet up tensions, to further push at changing the status quo."→

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