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☣Certainly, it's a big deal on CBS, which is currently marking the occasion with a 20+ hour live countdown of special moments from the show on TikTok; bits in CBS primetime tonight featuring Corden announcing the start of shows like Young Sheldon and Ghosts; a 10:00 p.m. primetime special built around his popular Carpool Karaoke segment/series and a final episode of the show at 12:37 a.m. featuring Harry Styles and Will Ferrell as his last guests."△


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C0603C104K4NACAUTO⇃The hunting category controversy has highlighted the debate over how best to handle pest control in New Zealand.▐GBU15005-G☀Police said that during some of the past collection efforts, people threw their weapons away in garbage containers or left them unattended instead of bringing them to police stations.☆

☣What are they saying?↮


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1812Y2K00681KXTのLUCKNOW, India — A former Indian lawmaker convicted of kidnapping and facing murder and assault charges was shot dead along with his brother in a dramatic attack that was caught live on TV in northern India, officials said Sunday.▥1206J5000390FFR↺In her rebuttal argument, prosecutor Nadia Moore outlined for jurors what she called "devastating evidence of the defendants' guilt" using their own posts and videos. For instance, she cited a post from Tarrio after the storming of the Capitol that read, "Make no mistake. We did this."↡


♥National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby told reporters at the White House Thursday that the decision to withdrawal from Afghanistan was the right one but that the previous administration had not done sufficient planning for the withdrawal and put Biden in a difficult position.↽CI201210-4N7D☼Abbott did not immediately respond to a request for comment.▽T491D226K035AT42802478♖The number of pedestrians killed rose 13%, and cyclist fatalities were up 2% for the year. The number of unbelted passengers killed rose 8.1%, while fatalities involving alcohol-impaired driving were up 14%.▤C0402C241F3JAC7867▓"One year later, Kyiv stands. Ukraine stands. Democracy stands. America stands with you and the world stands with you. Kyiv has captured a part of my heart," Mr. Biden said.⇆

◊Though Krosoczka's grandparents, as he recalls them, were not perfect, they were loving, steadfast, and generous caregivers, supporting his passion by enrolling him in local classes at the Worcester Art Museum and purchasing him a drafting table for his 14 birthday. Hey, Kiddo is a book mainly focused on familial and professional starts, and in it readers are given a passing glimpse, just several pages long, of a summer in high school of monumental change. In this small stretch of time, young Jarrett got his driver's license, received an unexpected first letter from his father, prepared to apply to his dream college, RISD, and volunteered at Camp Sunshine. That one-week experience, summed up in a single line — "it totally changed my life" — is the central focus of this latest, moving memoir.⇄C0603C122J8HAC7867♢"We believe that legislation will change behavior," Kiefer said.◙

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