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☀Other critics of the bill include the ACLU, which has also called the move a violation of free speech rights that "would set an alarming precedent for excessive government control over how Montanans use the internet."↛


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CGA5L1X8R1E335K160AC▤Neely's funeral service took place on Friday at Harlem's Mount Neboh Baptist Church. The Rev. Al Sharpton, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and New York Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado were among those who attended.♦IHLW5050CEERR15M01▨Not only that, they have refused to stay silent – documenting the number of deaths and injuries, speaking out against human rights abuses and appealing for support from the international community. A joint statement with partner organizations abroad – including the Sudan Doctors Union-Canada, Sudanese American Physicians Association, Physicians for Human Rights and others – implores that the "international community and international organizations must also act swiftly to secure safe passage for civilians fleeing the war and prepare shelter, food, and medical services for internally displaced people and refugees."►

⇞Here is a look at the man expected to be the incumbent's top challenger, Kilicdaroglu, and what sets him apart.↟

↯Hodding Carter III attended Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire before graduating from Greenville High School in 1953. He graduated from Princeton University in 1953 and married Margaret Ainsworth Wolfe. They had four children before divorcing in 1978.◙


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VJ0805D1R8BXCAC┱ ❐C1206C474J4RACTU⇣The Indiana ACLU filed the lawsuit on behalf of four transgender youth and an Indiana doctor who provides transgender medical treatment. It argues the ban violates the U.S. Constitution's equal protection guarantees as well as federal laws regarding essential medical services.☌

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