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↵The leaked comments from MillerKnoll's Andi Owen are sparking debate about workplace attitudes in the face of greater economic uncertainty and whether CEOs are out of touch with their staffs.↘C0603X7R100-223MNP↘The musician Grimes is inviting creators to use AI-generated versions of her voice to make new music, saying she could even provide the raw audio files to facilitate it.✪C320C822GAG5TA7301↖"Distracted while cooking is the leading cause of house fires. Stay off the stove if you're drunk or high," the campaign warns.☭C0805X300J5GACAUTO☈In addition, prosecutors on Monday announced that eight Chinese government officials who are believed to be currently living in China were charged with directing an employee of a U.S. telecommunications company to remove Chinese dissidents from the company's platform.✯

☍U.S. District Judge Leo Sorokin wrote in his decision that American and JetBlue violated antitrust law as they carved up Northeast markets between them, "replacing full-throated competition with broad cooperation."◙EDZLDTE616.8B→Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has responded to a news report about his failure to disclose trips paid for by a conservative billionaire, saying he "was advised that this sort of personal hospitality from a close personal friend, who did not have business before the Court, was not reportable."ぃ


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CW100505-1N0D3➸CBS News affiliate WBZ-TV reported that the guest was a man in his 30s who works as a pilot for Delta Air Lines.큐HDE102MBDDJ0KR❒San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers said officers were going door to door in search of the suspect, who officials noted has a prominent tattoo of what appears to be a woman on his left forearm. (Authorities originally gave his name as Oropeza, but said the updated spelling better reflected "his identity in law enforcement systems.")♥

♡She added that Wilt "did not hesitate." He ran head-first towards the shooter as the man turned his weapon, an assault rifle, in his direction. The suspect, a 25-year-old bank employee who livestreamed the violence, was killed by Galloway.☆


↛A federal court challenge from TikTok is expected well before then, likely teeing up a legal brawl that supporters of the law in Montana say could eventually wind up in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.⇢1206J5001P50BAR✪Since then, the film and TV industry has changed. For example, television writers used to be assigned to shows that lasted perhaps 22 episodes each season. Now, seasons on TV and digital platforms may be just eight to 10 episodes long.⇛IRF740L♖"For nearly four decades, and in partnership with hundreds of thousands of families and educators, Developmentally Appropriate Practice has served as the foundation for high-quality early childhood education across all states and communities. While not a curriculum, it is a responsive, educator-developed, educator-informed, and research-based resource that has been honed over multiple generations to support teachers in helping all children thrive and reach their full potential," the statement read.❒SRP2010-2R2M×The Uvalde police department defines an active shooter as an armed individual likely to use “deadly force in an ongoing manner” and who has injured, killed or threatened other people, according to the agency’s officer guidelines. In a barricaded shooter scenario, an assailant is contained with little or no ability to harm others.➘

卍Torres said the defendants not only cheated their donors but contributed to a "chilling effect on civic participation" by tarnishing the reputation of political fundraising.↮GA1210Y334KBXAR31G☼The eclectic, extravagant event honored war-torn Ukraine's spirit of resiliency as it stuck to the 2023 contest's theme, "united by music," held at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, England. Traditionally, the host country is the winner of the previous year's event. But since last year's winner, Ukraine, is in the middle of a war, 2022 runner-up Britain is hosting this year's event on its behalf.º


✙The changes to how CDC collects and shares COVID-19 data "comes as no surprise at all but is further evidence that these investments were always temporary and not part of a long term strategy to be better public health data stewards," Beth Blauer, who helped run a highly respected COVID data tracker at Johns Hopkins, told NPR.○FK26X7R2J103K▓On Monday, Zephyr had stood defiantly on the House floor with her microphone raised as protesters shouted "Let her speak," disrupting House proceedings for at least 30 minutes. Zephyr was then banned from the House and its gallery and voted on bills from a bench in the hallway outside the House on Thursday and Friday.♨VJ0805Y681KXQPW1BC♝Youngkin, who has hinted at a possible presidential run, dodged questions about the legitimacy of the 2020 election until after he secured the GOP gubernatorial nomination. He later acknowledged the vote was legitimate but campaigned for candidates who felt otherwise, including Arizona gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake.➛RBU2505M-C-LV↞"Roughly one-quarter of the world's population lives in a basin with a drying lake," Yao said. "So the potential impact could be significant."«

↾"We are living, I do believe, in a moment in time where so many of our hard-won freedoms are under attack," Harris said. "This is a moment for us to stand and fight."◊C0805X470M8HAC7800↔The unions said it was the first strike at the university since 1987, when clerical, dining hall, technical and maintenance workers walked out after contract talks broke down.▨


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