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1808J1K00103JXT▣Käärijä of Finland took second place with the industrial metal-meets-hyperpop banger "Cha Cha Cha." The song emerged as NPR's pop culture critic Glen Weldon's top pick. The "catchy-as-hell bop," Weldon wrote, "exists to get you up and moving; imagine a Crossfit instructor shouting at you in Finnish."∎PM3340-681M⇝Arkansas GOP Sen. Tom Cotton has already said fellow Republicans shouldn't make it easier for Democrats to advance their nominees.↿


⇐Experts have repeatedly warned of the danger posed by those weapons coupled with decades of instability stemming from the conflicts of the 1990s, as well as ongoing economic hardship. Belgrade University psychology professor Dragan Popadic pointed to various forms of violence coursing through society, including harassment of political opponents by ruling populists and aggressive hooligan groups in sports.◩1206J0631P70HQT➹Learn more:➟CL43A107MQLNNNF⇙Meanwhile, the Israeli-Palestinian violence also comes as thousands of Israelis gathered Saturday as part of ongoing weekly demonstrations against the government's contentious judicial overhaul plans.£VJ0805A391GLAAJ32∎Yes, Irby loves to observe her fellow humans. But being human herself, she also trains her most critical — and most cynical — eye inward.

☺Andrew Connelly is a British freelance journalist focusing on politics, migration and conflict.£AOD609G●Bogdanos has been employing his detective skills, prosecutorial powers and, yes, a bit of bravado to target the illicit art world. He founded the Manhattan DA's antiquities trafficking unit in 2010, with one employee. There are now 18.▣


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2220J0250154MDT➹The Huskies may be favored to win it all, but the big game caps a March Madness marked by upsets and unpredictability.☭FDU8780_F071♂"He was brave like a Ukrainian. He was stubborn like a Ukrainian," said Sanina, who is part of an influential artistic family in Ukraine. "He became a Ukrainian himself."⇄


♥"I'm understand who I am," she said. Her command of English is clearly not as advanced as her son's. "I'm a mother and I try to be happy even in difficult situation. I'm start my life from the zero. I don't think now I have bad life but I have very difficult life."➻GRM1885C2A9R0CA01D↯Indeed, the facts and Iraq's behavior show that Saddam Hussein and his regime are concealing their efforts to produce more weapons of mass destruction.↩S0402-47NJ3✁Ash Williams has been on the front lines for reproductive health in his state. Now, another challenge arises.★VJ0402D430KLAAJ⇍Djerba, a picturesque island off the southern coast of Tunisia, is home to the North African country's main Jewish community. An annual pilgrimage at the reportedly 2,500-year-old Ghriba temple, thought to be one of the world's oldest synagogues, attracts thousands of visitors from around the world.⇍

☞That was the biggest regional implication.▷4307-565H⊙The current round of violence is one of the worst between Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank in years. It began last spring after a series of Palestinian attacks against Israelis that triggered near-nightly Israeli raids in the West Bank.▪


☛In 2021, Queen Elizabeth appointed Camilla a "Royal Lady of the Most Noble Order of the Garter," the most senior order of knighthood in the British honors system.¤RSS100N03TB♥It was clear that staying open no longer made economic sense, she says. With some sadness, the congregation unanimously decided to close the doors; its last Sunday service was held in April of last year.➷VJ0805D330GXAAC▬Additionally, the U.S. will continue to admit 30,000 migrants a month from Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua, as long as they have applied online and have secured a financial sponsor. Mexico has agreed to continue taking back the same number who cross illegally.☚BC847AW⋄In an interview with NPR's Becky Sullivan, a woman named Rebecca, who asked that we use only her first name, said that having the option to terminate her pregnancy at home in 2020 during the pandemic was a "godsend," particularly given the fact that she believed some of her family members would not have supported her decision.»

ღNelson also has outlived most of his classic collaborators. But an essential one, his 86-year-old Highwaymen bandmate Kris Kristofferson, made it to the stage to join Rosanne Cash, the daughter of another Highwayman: Johnny Cash.▄VJ1206Y184JXARW1BC↷Each check was processed by the Trump Organization and disguised as a monthly payment for legal services under a retainer agreement, prosecutors say. "In truth, there was no retainer agreement," reads a statement of fact that accompanied the charges.£


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