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♪At one City Council meeting last year, Cross recalled, he stood toe-to-toe with the man he thought he recognized from one of the police body cam videos circulating on the internet, showing officers standing around while children were being killed.♥


☪"Some people who were treated for cancer years ago continue to worry that they are at high risk," says Malani. "A talk with your doctor can help you determine risk and precautions to help you engage with people and activities you enjoy." On a personal note, she says she masks when caring for patients but otherwise generally does not mask in meetings or even while traveling these days. "I pay attention to how I feel and am careful about not exposing anyone if I have any symptoms at all, even if mild," she says.✏2225J1K20390FCR↳"He just took a bad step out there," Hiles said. "They could do the same thing running in the field as they could on the track. So it's very unfortunate. That's what we deal with."▍VJ0603A391FXJCW1BC▣Gonzalez had just ended a tumultuous, four-month relationship with Thompson when the shooting occurred, her family said.▫1206Y5000152KET☼I felt implied in that was that I should speak out more broadly about what I was going through, because I've been reluctant to do so. So, I have something to say here. And so I asked, "How about giving me more time?"♥

▐"We're failing people," Wangerin said. "We're re-traumatizing them by not knowing what to do."◄1812J6300392KCR▨The rapper, born Earl Stevens, Jr., said in a statement to NPR that he was subjected to "disrespectful heckling" during Saturday's playoff game and addressed one heckler in an "assertive but polite" manner before being ordered to leave the Golden 1 Center arena by security guards.●

➯"There were five times more complaints in 2022 compared to 2019 before the pandemic, even though fewer people were flying," he says.◩


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CWR19HC156KCEB◙Katrina Kain, an English teacher visiting from Puerto Rico, said she thought the fee would "sting" some people but would be fine so long as it was well-advertised.【S0402-8N2F2E✃Each morning I start my day by saying, "God, how may I serve?" I am a registered nurse working at the VA Medical Center in Washington, D.C. I believe that people are here to be of service to each other — to help, guide, comfort and support those we encounter along the way. Whatever the act of service I provide, the return is so much more. -Christine Grant, Washington, D.C.◦


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1812J5000181MXT◦The 2022 midterm elections also saw a continuing shift toward early and mail-in voting since the COVID-19 pandemic, as 49.8% of voters opted out of the more traditional way of casting their ballots in person on the last day of voting.☢T690N06TOFXPSA1✄There were no reports of casualties.♜

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